Fire Season

Climate change column in UC San Diego independent student newspaper, The Triton, 2018-2019.

“This is not a border wall.”

Fact-checking Jake Tapper on the border wall for Counterpunch, 06/12/18

Why We Tried to Disrupt Sessions’ Las Cruces Speech

Coalition op-ed in Las Cruces Sun-News, 04/15/18

Why Uber is terrible for millennials in the workforce

Opinion column for AL.com, 01/06/16

Listening to Possibility: Randomness as Musical Material

Master’s thesis, Mills College, 2014. Abstract: This paper is concerned with musical randomness. In Section 1, distinctions are drawn between randomness, chance, chaos, and other related concepts. In Section 2, these concepts are applied to music in the formulation of a theory of musical randomness that treats randomness itself as musical material. To this end, I introduce the concept of a “Possibility Space,” by which spaces of musical randomness may be quantitatively defined, classified, and related to each other. A brief discussion of works by Cage, Wolff, Boulez, and myself serves to illustrate the theory.

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