Definite Relief: Martian Forest

Recorded by Jesse Mangum at the Glow Recording Studio in Athens, Georgia, a new trio — definite relief — with Killick Hinds (guitar), Stephen Roach (tenor sax, drums), and myself on trombone, toy instruments, and Fender Rhodes piano. This was a somewhat spur-of-the-moment project but a surprisingly rewarding one, the fruits of which we determined were best described as a “Martian Forest.” A 45-minute-long collective exploration of outer spaces and inner worlds. Please download and listen for free, donations optional.






a few essays

I’ve just finished my Master’s thesis, Listening to Possibility: Randomness as Musical Material, and I’m making it available here. I’ve also uploaded a couple of other essays, written during my studies at Mills College and UC Berkeley in the last two years.

The View from Nowhere


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Brand new sounds

Please enjoy these two new recordings. The first is a realization of my graphic score search field by the Mills College improvisation workshop:

Here’s the score:


I’ve also just heard for the first time my friend Andrew Jamieson’s and my performance of Steve Reich’s iconic Piano Phase. Check us out:

Andrew and I are planning a program of American minimalist process duets for April. Also, many of us at Mills are working towards a performance of Reich’s Music for 18 Musicians. This spring is the 50th anniversary of Reich’s graduation from Mills.