In which I pooh-pooh Uber

I wrote a guest column for crapping all over my hometown’s fawning over the recent Uber launch there.


One thought on “In which I pooh-pooh Uber

  1. Nice article. With which I agree completely…except perhaps the claim that “adjunct professors” are the core of higher education. I think that’s only true at less-than-stellar institutions, and is in fact a marker for less-than-stellar institutions.

    On the “putting miles on your car”, you might add a note that Federal reimbursement rules set a rate of $0.54/mile for privately owned vehicles. I suspect that some Uber drivers are actually driving vehicles that are *not* their primary automobile (esp. User-Black drivers) – so for them there might be tax breaks (but the accounting would have to be very good).

    Rough computation – if you work an 8-hour shift, and drive at an average speed of 25mph, that’s 200 miles. If you earn $200 that night, more than half of that money goes into gas, wear-and-tear, depreciation, etc. You are basically turning your car into money, a little bit at a time. It might be better to just sell the car and live off the proceeds. If you need a ride, you could always call Uber.

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