Noise-To-Signal –or– the “Cutting Edge” of new music

Men, women, boys, girls, and undecided: it’s that time of year again, when trombonists far and wide make foolish life choices and publish the footage online.

Tonight’s installment is the final selection from the recent “Beer and Difficult Music” event in Tuscaloosa, AL. It’s am an improvised piece for trombone and lawn mower called Noise-To-Signal.

I “wrote” it.

I think you’ll “enjoy” it.

Words about the music:

Noise-To-Signal is an improvisation for trombone and lawn mower. In this video of its world premiere realization, the trombone emerges gradually from the lawn mower, ascending octave by octave and organically accumulating and developing motivic material. In the work’s final moments, the trombone escapes from the grinding industrial clatter into a rarefied space arguably as desolate as it is triumphant.


Joe Parmer (event hosting, staging), Colin Brogan (filming, editing), Eric Scott (filming, sound), Christine Curcio and Kenneth Sloan (lawn mower, genes, parenting, forgiveness…)




I really do hope you enjoy this piece, all quotation aside.


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